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GIRL BALANCING.gif4 Year Old / Pre-K Class

For our 4-year-old class we combine both developmental activities as well as academics in preparing our children for Kindergarten.

We introduce reading and literature, writing, verbal and non-verbal communication, social studies, math, and science. We expose these skills to our children through both center-based learning and teacher-based activities. When the children discover the information on their own, the information process leaves a stronger impression and fosters a love for continuing their quest of learning and discovery

Below are areas that your child will be working on during the school year. Of course we will be incorporating music and movement, arts and crafts, science and social studies.  We are an academic school but social skills and intrapersonal skills are vital, as you will notice throughout our curriculum.  

Language and Pre-Reading 

  • Alphabet by rote

  • Identifying and writing  upper & lower case letters (letter a week)

  • Rhyming

  • Recognizing & making letter sounds

  • Following left to right across a paper

  • Being able to form short sentences

  • Able to print first name & recognizing name in both lower and upper case letters

  • Recognizing common signs (stop, walk, go, etc.)

  • Recalling stories

  • Colors

  • Sight words

  • Daily reading in class and library time

  • Optional weekly homework  


  • Counting 1-20

  • Recognizing & writing numbers 1-10

  • Identifying basic shapes

  • Sequencing sizes, patterns, rhythm

  • Calendar (months, days of week, today, yesterday, tomorrow, 1-30)

  • Estimating

  • Categorizing and sorting objects by shape, color, size, texture, etc.

  • Graphing

  • Comparisons (big, small, more, less, same, equal etc.)

  • 1:1 correspondence

  • Beginning number sentences

  • Where we see numbers (telephone, address, calendar, clock, etc.)

Social & Listening

  • Respecting others both physically & emotionally

  • Identifying human feelings and emotions

  • Sharing & cooperative play

  • Using appropriate words

  • Listening to each other

  • Following directions

  • Sitting properly & participating in circle time (15-20 minutes)

  • Developing a good self image

 Fine Motor Skills

  • Controlling a pencil and other writing material

  • Using scissors properly

  • Manipulating small objects

  • Stringing & lacing

  • Assembling puzzles

  • Manipulating zippers, buttons, snaps

Gross Motor Skills 

  • Balancing

  • Hopping on one foot

  • Throwing, kicking, and bouncing balls

  • Group Games

  • Riding bikes

  • Dancing and skipping


  • Holidays and Shabbat


     Mitzvahs, morals, values and traditions

  • Aleph-Bet Letters

  • Songs, arts and crafts

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